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Evo X Track/Street Kit

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Introducing the Evo X "Track" kit brought to you by Apex Powered!

With the Evo X, Mitsubishi upgraded to a sequential ignition system. The stock ecu controls one ignition coil per cylinder which fires in a predetermined order. This was a vast improvement compared to the previous generations "waste spark" system.

Mitsubishi's improvements worked well enough that the factory coils have taken multiple X's into the 900 whp territory. However, unfortunately leaving quite a small spark plug gap which is undesirable for fuel economy, power output, and driveability. With this being the case, an ignition coil replacement/upgrade isn't quite as necessary but we thought perhaps requesting more output from the ignition coils was all the X needed. After testing on multiple evo X's from 08's all the way to 2015's we have come up with 2 packages to benefit X's

The "Track" kit
Aimed toward X owners who want show and go! Maximize your stock coils potential while cleaning up your engine bay.

• With the Track Kit you will receive:
• Ecu flash requesting more output from the factory coils (When you purchase you will be emailed by our ecu calibrator to set a date/time for the quick reflash)
• You will need to have a laptop, ecuflash, and a tactrix cable to utilize the reflash.
• Our signature titanium ignition coil plate and mounting hardware
• Our signature intermediate harness that is concentrically twisted for flexibility

The "Street" Kit
Aimed toward an aesthetically pleasing bay by replacing the unsightly stock harness and dressing up your valve cover with titanium!

• With the Street Kit you will receive:
• Our signature titanium ignition coil plate and mounting hardware
• Our signature plug and play intermediate harness that is concentrically twisted for flexibility

Ecu Reflash Benefits
• Open spark plug gap
(We recommend new spark plugs and following our directions which are included in the box and using the horsepower chart for plug gaps)
• Eliminate spark blowout
• Whp/Wtq Increase
• Smoother Idle
• Smoother power delivery
• Smoother start ups

Ignition Coil Plate
• Precision cut and made in the USA
• 2mm thick 6AL-4V (Grade 5) titanium plate w/ custom anodizing (You can request anodized colors, send us a message)
• Mounting Hardware (Options include stainless and titanium)

Wiring Harness
• Plug and Play
• High quality mil-spec tefzel M22759-32 wire/Mil-Spec crimped
• Completely sealed wiring loom
• Concentrically twisted loom (We are the first and only ones to provide this in this configuration. This provides superior harness flexibility by reducing wire strain which increases longevity)
• Intelligent harness layout for the cleanest possible route, providing a superior fit and finish for your evo
• Aerospace grade Raychem DR-25 wiring loom
• Harness is resistant to diesel, hydraulic fluids, lubricating oils, abrasion, cuts, flame retardant and can withstand up to 428* F

• We are backing these with a 2 year workmanship warranty (To the original purchaser)

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