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Evo 4-9 Black & Gold "Race" Coil On Plug Ignition Kit

Image of Evo 4-9 Black & Gold "Race" Coil On Plug Ignition Kit
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You asked for it, so we made it!
•Titanium with premium powder coat in semi-gloss black!

The next step in Evo 4-9 ignition has arrived!
Introducing the "Race" CDI Replacement Kit brought to you by Apex Powered! All the benefits of our "Street" kit but better in every way.

When it came to having a high horsepower Evo 4-9 the general consensus was to upgrade to a CDI (Capacitor Discharge Ignition) setup which included a box with a capacitor inside. If that capacitor fails or wears out, you will encounter severe spark blowout if not rendering your Evo completely immobile. CDI technology has a very short spark duration which isn’t the best for leaner air to fuel ratios at a lower power level (aka when driving the car outside of boost)
The solution we came up with was to use the powerful OEM coil from the R35 Nissan GTR, which gives stock-like driveability and eliminates blowout at high boost levels.

• Made in the U.S.A. Utilized worldwide
• Proven on the dyno AND at the drag strip
• The End All, Be All Ignition System! (Buy once and be done!)
• Recommended from stock power levels to 1000+ whp
• Plug and play
• Open up the spark plug gap for better drivability, cleaner combustion, increased whp/wtq
• Stock R35 coils have easily propelled GTR’s to 1700+ whp with 91mm turbos on nitrous with no blowout
• Does not severely degrade when pushed passed their designed limits like Denso style coils
• No CDI Box which is prone to fail rendering your CDI kit useless

Product Details:
• Authentic Hitachi coils (Hitachi develops the OEM part for Nissan)
• 2mm thick 6AL-4V (Grade 5) titanium plate w/ premium powder coat in semi-gloss black
• High quality mil-spec tefzel M22759-32 wire/Mil-Spec crimped
• Completely sealed wiring loom
• Concentrically twisted loom (We are the first and only ones to provide this in this configuration. This provides superior harness flexibility by reducing wire strain which increases longevity)
• Intelligent harness layout for the cleanest possible route, providing a superior fit and finish for your evo
• Aerospace grade Raychem DR-25 wiring loom
• Harness is resistant to diesel, hydraulic fluids, lubricating oils, abrasion, cuts, flame retardant and can withstand up to 428* F
• Fits wire tucked evos as well as stock route evo harnesses

• We are backing these with a lifetime warranty (To the original purchaser)
-That includes the plate, wiring, as well as the coils!

Tuning Notes:
•Recommended & maximum coil dwell settings are included in the box for 19V through 9V battery ranges from our years of testing

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