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On-Site Evo X Tune

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Installed Cams? Want to upgrade your injectors?
We can help you with that!

Tuning Process
Tuning can take anywhere from 2-6 hours depending on mods and having to troubleshoot your car etc. We tune your WHOLE driving experience.
• Idle
• Cruise
• Partial Throttle
THEN we finalize power/torque

• Options
• 08-10 Evo X we use TephraXMOD V1

• 11-15/Final Edition Evo X will need to purchase the "TephraXMOD V3" option as well as your tuning selection.

• TephraXMOD V3 is $100 and it is locked to the VIN of your car.
• Please leave your VIN number on either the order info, the paypal note or send us a message with it!
• For a full list of TephraXMOD V3's features click here

-Once the basemap is flashed to the vehicle I do NOT offer refunds. My intellectual property is on the basemap, which I work very diligently on my maps.

Thanks for understanding.

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