About Us

Apex Powered

About Us

Apex Powered LLC is a small company founded by Jean-Marc Phillips in 2010. Apex Powered’s sole mission is to deliver cutting edge products and services that are of the highest quality and performance. Our products and services are well established on the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution, Galant, and 3g Eclipse platforms. We are primarily known for our tuning services and ignition solutions on the Lancer Evolution models.


•Tuning History

In 2004 I purchased an 8th gen galant with the intent to save up for the brand new Evo VIII that was just released in the US. Of course that didn’t last long after finding out the 4g64 was being used for stroker motors in the evo VIII. One thing lead to another and I had retrofitted an evo 9 turbo with supporting mods and done an eclipse 5 speed conversion. At this point tuning the stock ecu for an NA car to understand boost was unheard of. I directly worked with and learned from already established ecu calibrators/ecu decompilers/coders/and wiring specialists who honed my skills.

In 2010 I bought my first evo (Evo X) and in 2014 I bought my second evo (Evo VIII) To date the amount of R&D put into both of these vehicles is innumerable. From sun down to sun up for months testing, adjusting, fine tuning. I lived it, breathed it and ate it.
My friends soon discovered my calibration skills and I shared them. After many years of being told to do it full time I conceded and in 2017 switched to Apex Powered full time. Since my start in 2004, I have directly tuned & supported many evo’s from stock power levels to 1100+ whp monsters both inside and outside of the United States.


•Product Development

Every single Apex Powered product is handcrafted and tested in house. We source all of our materials from extremely reputable vendors/suppliers to make sure you get the highest possible quality. Like the old saying goes….Cheap>Fast>Reliable. Pick Two.


•Our Customer Promise

As a company we promise to always offer you the best product we possibly can AND support you after you are running our product.